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Delta Tango Network
Delta Tango Network


At Delta Tango we break the inertia and change the game across the industries we operate in. The most important thing for us is to connect the dots, make the complex simple and leave the industries in which we operate in a better position than when we started. Transformational change and developing strategy and executional plans born from insight is at the heart of who we are and part of our DNA. We stand in opposition of doing the same thing over again, accepting the status quo, overly complex strategies that become too hard to implement and cashing in on the chaos. 

We believe the key to transforming organisations and creating value is getting the balance right between strategy and execution.  In fact, this is exactly how our name came about. We use the analogy of the balcony and the dance floor in business, where the balcony is the difference in strategy (the delta) and the dance floor is the execution (the tango) and it’s critical to get the balance right between the two. Too much or overly complex observation and strategy on the balcony means you miss what’s happening on the dance floor and too much time on the dance floor without the right analysis means you miss the big picture. Designing tomorrow and delivering today is about balance and only when the balance is right, can your next move be truly impactful. 



At Delta Tango, we are driven by our commitment to helping clients understand their environment, make the right decision and enable adaptiveness to unprecedented uncertainty, intelligently and decisively.


At our core, our team is driven by a passion for making sense of the world and uncovering the truth. We strive to enhance understanding between human beings, systems, and the environment. Our focus lies in understanding social stability and the factors that contribute to it. We believe in the personalisation and optimisation of living standards, ensuring that individuals can thrive and reach their full potential. Factualness is a cornerstone of our approach, as we value accurate information and evidence-based decision-making. Additionally, we recognise the importance of acknowledging and adapting to changes in the perception of human security.


We are driven by a commitment to creating positive change across Australia. We have an unwavering dedication to improving organisations and enhancing the human experience. This commitment extends to supporting charitable and social causes, increasing access to opportunities, and advocating for values such as diversity and inclusion. We understand that our actions have the power to shape how our communities progress towards long-term success on a national scale.

Fail Fast, Learn Early

Deliver with Skill

Unassailable Through Evidence

Humour Through Adversity

Focus On The Positives

Discipline > Motivation

Embrace Diverse Perspectives

Innovate Relentlessly

The key to delivering success for clients and the community starts internally. We pride ourselves on doing things right and making it simpler to deliver. At Delta Tango, we invest in the very best systems and tools to ensure our delivery, account management, and client confidentiality remain our core focus. We never cut corners. 



All of our staff are given a tailored onboarding program including substantial training and education, leveraging partnerships with some of Australia’s most reputable professional education institutions. Our staff are also given ample opportunity to continue professional development based on career aspirations and Delta Tango client needs.


We have formal partnerships with UNSW, Australian Institute of Management, and Eggler Institute of Technology for training and development. We're also a partner for Sydney University’s student intern program, ensuring the next generation of project managers and consultants are able to gain vital workplace experience.


We maintain close ties with our clients, with a strong Defence Reserves commitment and an alliance with Klepper Consulting, one of the foremost experts in training design and delivery for complex asset operations in Defence and the maritime environment. Delta Tango are also an organisational member of the Australian Institute of Project Management,  with a commitment to supporting our people to gain project management certifications. 

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